the band

ClusterFunk (n.): A diverse, seemingly random gathering of musicians, for the purpose of making fun & funky music.

ClusterFunk is a five-piece, Denver-area party band. The members are varied in age, background, and musical tastes. Their diverse musical interests create a wide-ranging, distinctive repertoire that includes rock, funk, soul, Motown, and reggae.

The common theme that connects the band is their love of music. Having played together in their current lineup for more than 5 years, they resonate with each other and convey their love of music to their audience.

ClusterFunk combines sizzling lead guitar with strong vocals and harmonies. Lead vocals are shared, providing a fresh approach to each song. Acoustic and electric rhythm guitar, mandolin, percussion, and harmonica fill out the sound. The result is a mix that is continually transformed. Bass and drums provide a solid foundation.

Clusterfunk is a dynamic musical experience that appeals to a wide variety of listeners.